Parchment C

The Parchment Collection

Edwina Hunt LLC Parchment Collection combines strong, clean shapes and rich textures. Each piece is unique, hand made by artisans skilled in traditional crafts. It is furniture as a work of art.
The Parchment Collection is inspired by the creators’ love for the raw material, its unusual combination of organic and chic.
The Collection draws on forms of Jean-Michel Frank, one of the design greats of the twentieth century. Born and educated in Paris, Frank moved to Buenos Aires in 1939 and married European modernism with Argentina’s exceptional craftsmanship. The Parchment Collection is in part an homage to Frank and Argentina’s tradition of design.


Parchment is a natural material made from sheep, goat or cow hides, stretched and dried under tension, which results in a naturally beautiful ivory surface. Parchment is prized for its grain, unique markings, and tonal variations.